A new way to interact with your customers

What is NavigateMe?

Just as GPS works for outdoors, NavigateMe is the indoor navigation system, which offers real time indoor navigation technologies and tools, which are convenient to any user. Our service is to help your visitors with navigation inside the building through their mobile phones. Our latest technology is simple and feasible to any of its users.

Why Indoor navigation?

We need indoor positioning because GPS facility is not available inside the buildings. The users may find it difficult to locate any place inside the building, especially in the case if the building is huge or new to them. NavigateMe provides with its services anywhere, whether it is a hospital, a train station, a retail store, or any other office campuses. Your visitors will find it very easy to reach to their desired place through our technology.

Advantages of using Indoor Positioning

  • It helps to Improve visitor’s indoor experience.
  • It can help Gain understanding into visitor’s interest.
  • Business intelligence can be improved.
  • Its easy to engage with visitors.

How does it work?

NavigateMe takes the help with the mobile phone’s Bluetooth technology, which connects to Bluetooth Low Energy signals from devices known as beacons. This beacon technology are inexpensive, small and have a long battery life and it is supported by all the devices these days. Beacons transmit signals which are then processed by our SDK to get to a precise location of the device. And with this information different applications can be used in different means.


An employee given a task to monitor the assets in the building, consumes a lot of time and energy. NavigateME indoor positioning gives you a perfect insight with the monitoring of any of your assets and movements in the building.

You can get notifications on specific events (e.g. when someone is in the restricted area). It is very secure and feasible to use.

Asset Tracking
Indoor Navigation


Indoor navigation can be quick and easy, and in high quality. You can create points of interest e.g toilets, exit zones or any geozones like waiting rooms on the map provided.

Live customized routes can be used by the visitors as prescribed by their profiles. Like, for example visitors won’t be able to see restricted areas.


These days sending irrelevant notifications to the customers is not handy, moreover it’s irritating for them. With NavigatMe you can send notifications to specific users, and in specific amount, depending on the type of your industry. For example, you can send notifications to customers who are standing in front of your shop longer than 5 minutes or send information about any new offers in your retail store.

Targeted Notifications
POI Management


POI management is very important as far as indoor navigation and positioning is concerned. Many of which we take help from any third-party applications, which cause a big chaos and time wastage. With the help of NavigateMe, you can easily access geo and micro fencing, plus you can manage all your POIs and can also import them.


With NavigateMe you can surf offline. Our services give you the opportunity to work offline, which help you to get access at places where internet services or mobile networks don’t work. For example parking lots and subways, which makes it easier for the people to get into their desired locations without being dependent on the web services.

Works Offline
Report Analysis


End of the day report analysis is pretty much feasible. Now you don’t have to work hours on the PC preparing daily reports on the number of sales or the number of visitors. NavigateMe gives a detailed insight of the daily reports on all your featured topics in a very limited time.


Vast area of your huge halls is covered by our NavigateMe indoor services. Event organizers do not have enough time to covers 1000 meters of space within a limited time. With our services, you can get easy access to large areas. Our technology helps you with generating most of your revenue, in a number of ways;

  • Notifications or any of your advertising messages can be sent to your visitors, within their respected profiles.
  • Easy Navigation can help booth owners to increase the possibility of getting as much target audience as possible. Visitors can make profiles according to their interest and then they can reach their desired booths.
  • You can easily sell our product to any other third party, rename it or make any changes as per your concern.
  • Visitors Statistics can easily be monitored, you can track easily the visitor’s movements according to their profiles. Each booth owner has access to its visitor’s activities.

These days majority of people take help from their mobile phones to shop around anywhere, with our new services you can enhance your revenues to as much as possible. You can have the following advantages from our indoor technology:

  • With our technology in which you can push notifications and location access, enables you to promote your products in passages, linking to the profiles of customers. Thus allowing you to have your desired purchase.
  • It enables you and your team members to get to your end customers. With our services you can help your customers to choose between two brands or products, by interacting with them. By sending them specific notifications when they pass infront of your shop.
  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction can be enhanced, as our services helps visitors to organize a shopping list, and direct them to their desired product. Also helping them with checkouts.
  • With our services you will be able to get access to the journeys of customers and their attributes. You can get to know where they are going, how many people at one place, what directions they are using, where are they spending much of their time and more.

These days with huge amounts of people travelling, it’s easy to miss out of any place where we would like to go and visit, be it the metro or train stations or the airports. Even shops or restaurants can be missed out in such busy area, where everybody is in a rush.

  • NavigateMe helps users save their time by giving them a direct route to their desired location, thus avoiding any time wastage. Our services work underground too,
  • With the POIs, users can easily get access to their interested places, like restaurants, toilets, platforms and more.
  • It gives the most correct way for a user to go to their desired location, because there could be a number of ways to reach a specific location, but NavigateME offers the convenient of all.
  • Notifications can be sent out to travelers, regarding any last minute changes or any planned changes. It can help save your time and user’s time, and get the transport system more effective.
  • With the help of our services you can easily track travelers journeys, where they are going the most, which train or bus they are using the most. Through which you can work on improving the number of carriages or departures accordingly.

With our services, museum experience can be enhanced to its best. It can help improve visitor’s journeys in their desired way, saving time and giving them easy directions.

Users can use their mobile phones as a personal guide through their visit to the museum.

  • You can manage the content, and interact within your visit. Our services offer accuracy in the indoor location. With this the visitors can learn more about what they are focusing at, and get more information on the work of art.
  • Easy Navigation can guide visitors to their desired places, for example to their places of art, to toilets or to any of their point of interests, like cafeterias and more.
  • Journeys of visitors can be monitored to avoid any chaos during visiting hours in the museum.
  • You can get to know your visitors more. About their interests and desires, and also you can direct them accordingly according to their interests, and profiles, suggest them different sculptures, paintings and more.

Airports these days are growing bigger and bigger, they are now offering large duty free shops, restaurants, parking and so on.
With our technology, you can:

  • Help the travelers find their routes on the airport. Guiding them to their point of interest, for example gates, toilets and more. Also they can be helped with the time, on how much time they can reach from one place to another.
  • You can send notifications to your travelers according to their profiles and locations. Also you can monitor visitor’s journeys all over and also direct them to duty free shops, according to their desired interests.
  • With our data collection provider you can get to know your travelers/visitors more. Get statistics on their activities.

Hospitals are very crowded places, where you have lot of patients, employees and visitors. And because of this it sometimes get difficult to find a way and to get access to your things easily, which are sometimes lost to.

  • With NavigateMe you can do a fit asset management, helping your employees finding the products they need. For example, a nurse can helped by getting her a direct route to the closest blood pump just in seconds.
  • Guidance can be provided to visitors, with more focus on the patients, by organizing a welcome desk for them. Guiding through their paths.
  • High alert system is also one of our services, which can help the Elderly People. For example in an emergency you can contact the hospital staff and direct them the route of the patient with exact location.


Get your hands into the most advanced technology of this era.